Welcome to Spell Africa International

SPELL AFRICA INT’L is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) aimed at providing access to education to less privileged children in the society through awards of scholarship and also motivating the interest of children in education by organising spelling competitions and rewarding excellence. The NGO is a Nigerian organisation with head-office in Lagos, Nigeria and presence in some English speaking African countries like Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Gambia. Spell Africa Int’l currently has 33 children on full scholarship in Nigeria and is further working towards reaching out to more children in Nigeria and other African countries, while also motivating the interest of children in education and rewarding excellence through spelling competitions.


SPELL AFRICA INT’L is a product of pure compassion and sense of purpose in service to humanity. The Founder’s narrative best captures her experience during her third year in the University, which planted this vision in her. According to her, she witnessed a group of armed robbers that were put to death. Among them was a 16year old boy who was out of school because his parents could not afford his Education. She gathered some information from people that the boy’s parents could not afford to take care of him and his siblings, and in order to survive, the poor boy started stealing to make ends meet. He was negatively influenced by his peers into armed robbery which led to his untimely death in one of their operations. As much as we do not consider excuses for engaging in any vices, we also do not shy away from the root causes of some involvements. She further said when she witnessed the account of this poor boy, she was moved with compassion and made a vow to God that if He blesses her, she will ensure a minimum of 1,000 children get scholarship for Primary and Secondary Education; and if He blesses her more, she will ensure they get scholarship as well for University Education. This sense of purpose is what drives everything about SPELL Africa Int’l. 

Achievements so far

SPELL Africa Int’l has successfully planned and organized Spelling Competitions across 19 States in Nigeria, Lagos, Ogun, Delta, Ekiti, Osun, Ondo, Abuja, River and FCT. These competitions have featured over 8,000 spellers across the country in 5 years and the organisation is committed to awarding more scholarships for increased number of less-privileged children and also motivating the children’s interest in education and rewarding excellence through spelling competitions. The NGO is currently planning international editions of the spelling competition to host schools from other English speaking parts of Africa, to be hosted in Nigeria.

Sources of Fund

The organisation is currently mainly funded by the founder’s personal resources and the resources made from schools that pay to register their Spellers for the spelling competitions. This of course, alone in itself, is not sustainable considering the milestone the NGO has to achieve. We are still making sustained efforts to reach out to individuals and corporate organizations, local and international agencies with genuine interest in promoting quality education and reaching out to the less privileged. 

Our Vision

To be the leading humanitarian NGO providing less privileged children access to quality and affordable education, while motivating the interest of school children generally in education and pursuit of excellence for a brighter future and better society.

Our Mission

Preparing children for leadership excellence through accessible and affordable education, irrespective of their backgrounds, gender, religious, racial or cultural affiliations.


Our values as an organization are as follows:

  • Character
  • Responsibility
  • Empathy
  • Excellent
  • And Discipline (CREED)


1) To offer education scholarships to less Privileged Children.

2) To empower vulnerable Children economically.

3) To continuously motivate the interest of Children in Education through spelling competitions.